Providing proven solutions to avoid risks & protect Businesses, Business Owners and their Employees.
Get, keep and maintain profits is the goal.

Employee Retention

Loyal employees are an asset for any business, we personalize affordable plans which keep them aboard.

How to keep turnover to a reasonable level? Hiring and training new employees is a huge drain on the company and the management's time.

What do hourly employees need most? Can you afford it? Can you afford not to provide it? We have great solutions, some of which are free to the company and the employee.

Business Protection

Business owners need to be protected first and then what is important to the owner/owners.

What roles are essential to your business? Who works with you that you can't lose? What is working for your business and what isn't?

We work with you to create your priority list provide you solutions to decide what you think will work best for your business.

Loss Eposure Mitigation

We analyze operations and implement preventative strategies to reduce future loss.

Every business is subject to risks, which can lead to a “loss exposure” which is any possibility of financial loss due to loss of use, damage, or financial claim against you or your business. Businesses that analyze the four most common risk management areas related to their business — and customize their insurance policies accordingly — have the most protection against loss exposures.

The four types of loss exposures that businesses face are...

1) liability loss exposures
2) income loss exposures
3) people loss exposures
4) property loss exposures.