Experienced business tax and expense reduction consulting

Specialized Tax savings and Credit Card Fee Elimination

Cost Segregation

The Ability to bring depreciation expense forward to free up cash that would otherwise be going to tax. Please click on the picture to watch the 2 minute video.

Property Tax Mitigation Audit

Paying way too much Property Tax? Let's find out. We participate in the savings, No savings; No cost.  Click on the Picture to watch the 2 minute video.

R&D Tax Credits

Bilions are allocated for Research & Development tax credits. Software, tools and dies, experiments, lots of things you are doing qualify. No Credits; No cost. Click on the picture to watch the 2 minute video

Workers Comp Premium Relief

Are your premiums too high? Let us find out. No savings, no cost, we share in the savings. Click the picture to see the two minute video. Then contact us to get your premium reduced.

Reduce your credit card fees

No need to change your vendor, we simply negotiate a reduced fee for you. No Savings No cost. Nothing to loose. Watch the 2 minute video by clicking the picture

Eliminate your Credit Card Fees

This new program completely eliminates interchange fees. Our process works in real time to determine the type of charge and add it to your customers bill as a convenience fee. Please watch the 2 minute video by clicking the picture.

Operational (ongoing) Savings Programs

Live Parcel Shipping Audits

Our service watches your daily shipments, audits them and files for refunds for improper charges and overcharges. We share the refunds, no savings, no cost. Click the picture to watch the 2 minute video.

Copier and Printer Lease Audits

We have a 100% record in finding savings, as much as 57% in printer and copier leases. We share the savings, no savings, no cost. Click the picture to see the 2 minute video.

Wireless Audits

Most companies are paying for a lot of data they never use. Let us help you save up to 30% without changing vendors or equipment.  We share the savings, no saving, no cost.  Click the picture to see the 2 minute video

Class Action Claims

Easily participate in Class Action Claim, Sign up and we will find the Cases you qualify for and file for you. We have found Millions for our clients, (money they didn't know they had.) We share in the received claims, no refund, no cost. Click on the Picture for the 2 minute video.

Accounts Payable Automation

Our Virtual Credit Card system of paying accounts payable bills, makes it easy and safe to stop spending time writing checks and coding ledgers. No savings, no cost;  Click on the picture for a 2 minute video to understand how we make money paying bills.

Energy Auction

Participate in a reverse auction for your electricity needs. Choose your term and get the lowest price anyone is willing to sell to you. Pretty cool. You get ALL the savings. Click on the picture to get the 2 minute video.

Blue Coast Health Care. Cost reduction for self insurers.

How it all works

Click on Picture for a 2 minute overview of BCHC. It is a "bolt on" package. You keep your agent and plan. We add RX Watchdog, Conceirge Doctor, and Reference Based Pricing. We participate in the SAVINGS. No saving, no cost.

Concierge Doctore

How about your own private doctor? Available to you 24/7/365. Your Doc will help you get any medical help or medicine you need. Your CD will help eliminate deductibles and reduce the cost for employee and employer.  Click on the Picture to see the 2 minute video.

Reference Based Pricing

 Reduce your 2nd largest expense, Health Care. Know what your procedure will cost in advance. Pick the one with the highest quality and the best price. We help you do that seamlessly. Costs are wildly different for the same procedure, with no difference in quality. Eliminate/Reduce deductible and co-pays. It's easy when  you have visibility. Click the picture to watch the video.

Rx Watchdog

We automatically find the least expensive drugs for you. We look at insurance, coupons, specials, and deals for each medicine each time you buy, and advise you of the least expensive one for you. We drop the cost of medicine by a huge amount.

What do all our services have in common?

They are all consignment program, participating in the savings. No savings, no cost.

They are leading companies in their field.

We do not interfere in your product, clients, work flow, or employees.

After the initial sign up, programs are run in our back office not yours. They work with little or no effort on your employees part.

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