Skip to main content area back to the top bioinformatics links directory > tag > links tagged with 'coronary artery disease' search all search titles search descriptions search tags non-alphanumeric characters (from '-') are stripped. All search keyword are used in searching links:e. G. Bioinformatics links directory will search for links that contain all three keywords in title, description, or tags. You can search for an exact phrase by enclosing the query in quotes:e. G. "bioinformatics links directory" e. buy viagra online G. Search query "genomic sequences" dna will search for links containing the phrase " genomic sequences " and dna. buy cheap viagra You can include or uppercase keyword:e. viagra online bestellen generika G. Dna or rna looks for keywords dna or rna. You can include - prefix or not uppercase keyword to define keywords that should not be included:e. G. Dna or rna not protein (alternatively: dna or rna -protein ) will look for links with keywords dna or rna, but not protein links tagged with 'coronary artery disease' rss feed compact view sort by links directory index download list as xml list as json list as tsv list as csv found 1 link displaying 1 link resources (0) databases (1) tools (0) cadgene [open in a new window] share this link dna > databases human genome > databases the cadgene, a comprehensive manually curated database for coronary artery disease genes. Candidate genes are classified into 12 functional categories based on their roles in cad. Each gene includes detailed information from related studies (e. viagra online G. viagra dosage 40mg The size of case-control, population, snp, odds ratio, p-value, etc. ) and useful annotations, which include general gene information, gene ontology annotations, kegg pathways, protein-protein interactions and others. women viagra pills Links directory index: 3 title publication year google scholar citation count cadgene: a comprehensive database for coronary artery disease genes 2011 3 nar database issue 2011 download link as xml link as json link as tsv link as csv user feedback 0 external links link on wikipedia tags coronary artery disease genetic databases genetic predisposition to disease humans single nucleotide polymorphism associated tag cloud databases coronary artery disease genetic databases genetic predisposition to disease humans single nucleotide polymorphism change text size: a a a username: * password: * create new account request new password main page sets citations acknowledgements news suggest a url nar collaboration rss feeds help / tutorial support featured link ucsc c. Elegans genome browser gateway provides a rapid and reliable display of any requested portion of the c. generic viagra no rx Elegans genome at any scale, together with dozens of aligned annotation tracks. youngest age use viagra 163 resources 620 databases 1376 tools 5 sets follow @biolinksdir return to bioinformatics. buy viagra without prescription Ca unless.
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